Weekly Cleaning Service


Just Worry About Swimming And Let Us Do The Rest!

Save Time, Money, and Stress With Our Swimming Pool Cleaning Service!

We know what it’s like to go brush down your pool a few times of week, throw in a bunch of chemicals for “who knows what” and spend countless hours wrestling around with a vacuum and hose trying to get up all of the dirt and debris that gathers at the bottom of the pool!

We’ve Got a Solution For You!

Shocker Pools has been servicing swimming pools for over a decade and with quality care provided by our technicians you’ll be able to live headache free while enjoying a crystal clear pool! It’s a simple process, we come to your house on a weekly basis to take care of the essentials and make sure that your pool is operating efficiently! The advantage of having a qualified technician at your house on a frequent basis is that we make sure the mechanics of the pool are performing properly and the pool is being taken care of during the season. It’s an easy way to save money in the future!


Swimming Pool Services Include:

? Vacuum Pool Debris

? Brush Down Side Walls

? Skim Pool Surface

? Empty Skimmer Baskets

? Clean & Maintain Filtration System

? Test Water Chemical Levels

? Add Proper Chemicals To Water

Saving Money Always Sounds Good!


When it comes to cleaning your swimming pool we typically see that homeowners spend more money on chemicals, filters and unneeded accessories for cleaning and maintenance than necessary. This can add hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars to annual costs during the season.

So how can we save you money with maintenance expenses?

Our qualified pool technicians know exactly how much chemicals to use in order to reduce chemicals costs (which can be big savings in and of itself)! Also when properly cleaning the pool we reduce the chance for algae growth which in turn reduces the amount of chemicals needed during the season.

The cost of our services compared to the cost of doing it yourself doesn’t only save you the convenience of effort and time, but it actually puts more money in your pocket, so what’s to think about!


Enjoy Your Oasis, Don’t Stress About It!

When water chemistry is not responding to the way you are performing maintenance it can be very frustrating. Especially when the water is at a stage that inhibit you from being able to swim! We want you to sit back and relax in your backyard oasis, not be stressed out, burning the summer time days while attempting to clean your swimming pool.

Our number one goal is to make you feel like a champion, with experts by your side, helping you live your best life! 

Just imagine going to an amazing 5-star resort and laying pool side, enjoying a freshly made pina colada, while your family enjoys the pool!  You don’t have to brush down the pool, skim the leaves, empty the skimmer and backwash the filter in order to remain a guest at the resort! You simply go out there find a seat and enjoy! We want you to have this 5-star resort lifestyle in the privacy of your own backyard.

Save The Time And Invest Into More Important Things!


Cleaning your pool is a tedious task and requires a considerable amount of time through out the season. Managing proper water chemical levels, maintaining the filtration system, controlling algae growth, and the labor involved with cleaning the pool is time consuming and can be very frustrating.

Shocker pools provides properly trained technicians so you can be sure to swim in crystal clear water all season long!


Speak With a Qualified Technician!

Enjoy Your Pool Even More This Season!