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We Install New Safety Covers For Your Swimming Pool!

Safety covers are among the top additives to a swimming pool, especially to those who live in seasonal weather conditions. Safety covers have been known to help the pool with many factors including the following:

  • Reduced risk during closing season
  • Reduced start up fees during opening season
  • Reduced cleaning efforts during opening season
  • Increased protection for internal pool elements
  • Increased longevity

Above, you can see the process of installing a safety cover after it has been measured and made to fit this swimming pool. Every safety cover is measured to fit the pool exactly, they are not templates covers! The covers are drilled into the deck and will remain as a new infrastructure to the pool during closing seasons, helping you get more out of your pool each and every year! Shocker Pools provides complete safety cover repair, new cover installation, and safety cover maintenance services. We measure for new safety covers and provide you with a top rated safety cover produced by a highly recommended manufacturer of liners and safety covers in North America! Learn more about your options with safety covers below!

Safety First!

Choosing Your Safety Cover

We Provide Safety Cover Options From One of The Industries Leading Providers! Check Our Selection of Covers Below!

Mesh Safety Covers


Water Quality: Good

Sunblock: Good – 95%

Safety: Excellent

Reduces Evaporation: Good

Maintenance: Easy

Warranty: 15 Years | 2 Years Full

Colors: Green, Tan, Blue

HD Mesh Safety Covers


Water Quality: Better

Sunblock: Good – 99%*

Safety: Excellent

Reduces Evaporation: Better

Maintenance: Easy

Warranty: 15 Years | 2 Years Full

Colors: Green, Tan, Blue

Solid Safety Covers


Water Quality: Best

Sunblock: Good – 100%

Safety: Excellent

Reduces Evaporation: Best

Maintenance: Moderate

Warranty: 12 Years | 2 Years Full

Colors: Green, Tan, Blue, Gray


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