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We’ve opened thousands of pools and use an effective method to get you up and operating quickly!

  • Remove cover and place in the correct area to dry
  • Clean your cover (if needed, for an additional fee)
  • Remove all freeze out plugs and gizmos
  • Place all jets/returns in proper places
  • Put in handrails and steps
  • Add opening chemical kit (if needed, for an additional fee)
  • Place screws, caps and plugs back into filtration system
  • Reset all valves on pipes for proper water flow
  • Start filtration system and check for proper flow, leaks, etc.
  • Net and Vaccum Pool


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Our Pool Opening Process

Shocker Pools has over 25 years of combined experience within the industry, which has allowed us to perform swimming pool operations around the country! When opening swimming pools the process is performed in a strategic manner, allowing us to ensure that all of the elements of your swimming pool are operating as they should upon the start of the season.

When we take care of your pool opening you can be sure that your pool will be in good hands! Our technicians are there to identify any problems and fix them so that you can start the season strong and enjoy your pool for as long as you can! If you have any specific questions regarding your pool or particular features within your backyard area, feel free to give us a call and we can help you with the process!

When To Open Your Pool

We typically begin opening pools when the weather starts to get a bit warmer. This is generally around the March and April months, but because it is dependent on the weather it can vary a bit.

The biggest aspect to consider is that opening your pool late in the season can increase the risk of issues and start up costs. With a rise in heat you can expect and even hotter atmosphere underneath your cover, creating a very enticing environment for algae and bacteria to grow. If your pool is sitting in this type of environment you can expect to see algae growth which may mean a larger start up cost as well as a longer duration of time to get your pool cleared and prepared for the season! Any questions about when you should open, give us a call and speak with a professional to learn more!

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