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Pool Closings


Schedule Your Swimming Pool Closing, Today!

We’ve closed thousands of pools and use an effective method to safely close your pool for the season!

  • Remove all jets from return lines
  • Remove stairs, ladders and accessories
  • Push air through lines with a high pressure vacuum 
  • Clear all returns, skimmer, drains, slides and water features
  • Place freeze out plugs and gizmos in lines as needed
  • Add closing chemical kit
  • Remove screws, caps and plugs from filtration system
  • Push air through filtration system closing off underground lines
  • Add cover properly to the swimming pool (safety covers, tarps, etc.)
  • Place all pool items in a safe area for easy locating next season


You’re Only One Call Away!

Schedule your pool closing today!


Our Closing Process


Closing a swimming pool in the right manner is very crucial. Performing the closing process in the wrong ways can be a very costly problem for the internal components of your pool. In order to effectively close your pool we use high power blowers to push air through out the entire piping system. This ensures that water does not remain in the line and expand during the cold winter months! We also make sure to clear all water from the filtration system, heaters and motors to ensure not rusting or cracking occurs.

The swimming pool is capped at each entry point within the swimming pool so that water only lies within the pool area, not beyond the pool walls! After this is done our team will provide you a with a chemical closing kit to reduce algae and bacteria build up over the season. While there may still be algae upon opening, this does pose an effective way to reduce the amount of growth that can occur within the water supply.

Lastly, the crew will apply the cover to your pool, whether that be a safety cover, tarp or any other protective cover that restricts access to the water. We place all in season parts and accessories in the designated area for easy access as the new year rolls around and then clean the surrounding area to ensure that you are set to go for the winter!

Do You Have a Safety Cover?


Safety covers are among the most popular forms of covering for an inground pool while the winter months take over. There are multiple reasons for the use of a safety cover including the following:

  • A safer option than tarp covers
  • Reduced cleaning when opening season arrives
  • A safer options for your liner
  • A more pleasing  backyard appearance
  • And more!


Having the right cover for your swimming pool can reduce potential risks and also decrease start of the season costs by providing your pool and more thorough form of protection from the sun over the closing period!

Shocker pools has provided safety covers for years and we provide covers from one of the leading manufacturers, which guarantees a beautifully designed and dependable cover for years to come! Have questions about closing your swimming pool with a safety cover? Contact us today to learn more!

Speak With a Qualified Technician!

Enjoy Your Pool Even More This Season!