Pool Closing Special!
reduce winter time risks & lower start up costs next season!
Our Closing Process Helps Us 
Open More Pools Crystal Clear, Year After Year! 
All Closings Include
  • Removal And Storage of Handrails & Ladders 
  • Water Level Adjusted To Winter Standards 
  • Quality Chemicals To Fight Algae Growth 
  •  ​Blow Out All Lines With High Pressure Air
  •  ​Install Winter Cover Properly and Securely
  • ​​Winterize Pump, Filter & Heater
  • Install All Winter Equipment For Closing
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Closing Your Swimming Pool The Shocker Way Means...
Lower Start Up Costs
Opening your swimming pool traditionally comes with a week long process, money spent on a ton of chemicals, a service tech coming to clean your pool and a headache for everyone involved....
When your pool is closed the right way and has a full season with the proper protection, we believe that we can drastically change the way your pool opens! Open clear next year with Shocker Pools!
Reduced Winter Season Risks
With our professional team of technicians we guarantee that having our team in your backyard can save you years of headaches with your pool. While taking all environmental conditions into account we can advise you on the best route to reducing winter time risks. Properly clearing all lines, properly installing a cover, correctly adding chemicals and much more! 
Increased Lifespan
While managing to take control of your pool during the month's that it's not in use, we can say that a thorough process can save you years of hard earned money. Closing your pool sounds like an easy task, but not everyone can do it correctly. With a proper closing you can  increase the lifespan on filtration systems, pumps, liners, and underground lines by properly securing them for those cold months!
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Frequently Asked Questions
- How Can I Reduce The Amount of Debris That Gets in My Pool Over The Winter?
First, we always start with the type of cover that is being used to protect your pool during the winter months. If you do not have a safety cover we always do recommend this as it provides the best protection. If you currently have a cover it may be two reasons, one the cover is not the right type or you simply need the cover to be adjusted so that it is tighter to the patio surface and does not rise when wind blows underneath it. 

- What Type of Chemicals Do You Use When Closing The Pool?
In order to minimize the amount of algae growth while also managing any risk of harming the liner, we use an assortment of chemicals that provide longer lasting results which vary from super chlorination, alkalinity and ph stabilizers to algacide and more!

- How Do I Schedule a Closing?
Simply enter your information at the top of this page and a representative will reach out to you with a confirmation date that suites your needs! We look forward to servicing you!

Trevor S. says:

if you need any kinda of pool work done this is the place has some of the best employee's around Jerry provence is the best at what he does

Cory N. says:

We recently moved into a new home with an in-ground pool that was neglected for a few years. Christopher at Shocker Pools did an outstanding job with the help of trusty side-kick, Ashton! They finished working for about a week to get my pool turned around and I couldn't be happier. He taught me how to run and maintain the pool and have been extremely helpful. I highly recommend Chris. This guy knows what he's doing and is phenomenal at explaining everything. Well done guys and thank you so much! I also want to thank Doug, the owner. He got us taken care of within a week's notice. Life-long happy customer here!!
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