Shocker Pools provides swimming pool openings at affordable prices and premium quality guaranteed! Learn more below...
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Decades of Experience With Swimming Pool Openings

Our Process 

With years of experience we have created a process that managed potential opening risks while creating a seamless pool opening that allows you to enjoy the pool season without a hassle!
Step 1: Clean your cover before being removed
Step 2: Remove cover and place in correct area to dry
Step 3: Remove all freeze out plugs and gizmos
Step 4: Place all jets/returns in proper places
Step 5: Put in handrails and steps
Step 6: Add opening chemical kit
Step 7: Place screws, caps and plugs back into filtration system
Step 8: Reset all valves on pipes for proper water flow
Step 9: Start filtration system and check for proper flow, leaks, etc.
Step 10: Remove surrounding debris from pool

Our Capabilities

Shocker pools has been providing services to backyard living spaces for over a decades. With our vast amount of knowledge in the industry, you can expect your backyard to be in good hands! 

While opening your swimming pool, we can identify any potential issues and help create the most affordable solutions while we are there. We've seen it all and we can help ensure that your swimming pool is fully prepared for the season head!

Outside of swimming pool openings, we can assist with anything from complete pool builds to renovations and anything in between. Our full team of trained professionals can help you with anything needed to make your backyard the perfect outdoor living space!

Everything You Need To Kick Off The Swimming Pool Season

With our complete capability to create and manage anything within your backyard, we ensure you that you're in the right hands! We treat every property like it's our own and we aim to help create affordable and efficient solutions from the start.
  • Cover Removal
  • Filtration Set Up
  • Start Up Chemicals
  • Debris Removal From Poolside Deck
  • Safety Cover Anchors Closed
  • Heater Start Up
  • ​Water Features Started
  • ​Timer Set Up
  • Jets & Shooters Installed
  • Winterized Parts Put Away 
  • Salt Systems Started
  • ​Water Levels Checked & Managed

Hear What Other's Say About Working With Us

"I Don't Want To Leave My Backyard"

We had shocker pools open our pool for the past 5 years and its the easiest decision to make. We call, they come out and do everything they need to do and I'm swimming on the first warm day of the year! It's fantastic and once the weather stays warm I don't want to leave my backyard! Call Shocker Pools and you'll love your experience with them, I have!
Joanne D.

"So Easy To Work With"

These guys know what they are doing! When they arrive they get right to work and opening the pool effeciently, I'm amazed at their system. They are so easy to work with and I really enjoy knowing that they are so knowledgable about pools, it's an easy decision to make!
-Jimmy F.