Inground Swimming Pools


Create The Swimming Pool That You’ve Been Dreaming Of!


We help homeowners create custom inground swimming pools from start to finish! At Shocker pools we provide multiple styles of swimming pools including: Steel wall pools, Polymer (plastic) wall pools, Vinyl liner inground pools, Fiberglass inground pools and Gunite (plaster/cement) pools.

A beautiful new inground swimming pool has been the #1 addition to backyards for decades! Just imagine walking out your backdoor on a calm sunny morning, hearing the sound of the water running down the waterfall that sits beside your pool, falling into the oasis that you’ve created for your family to enjoy for years to come.

Your custom designed backyard will become the place that you and your family create summertime memories, the place where your kids will spend their time with friends and the very place where you will host events to celebrate the amazing accomplishments that are in your near future. It’s time to start creating your dream backyard and Shocker Pools is happy to be by your side during the process!

Our team at Shocker Pools has been building inground pools for years and we have been able to create some of the most amazing backyard designs for families to enjoy while making the process simple, affordable and pleasant.

The process of creating your inground pool starts with an idea and ends with a beautifully designed pool that completes your backyard and makes your living space nearly impossible to leave!


Initially, one of our certified pool representatives will sit down with you and your family to speak about what you are looking for, which will lead to an on site visit  to understand the backyard elements that our team will be working with during the process. We will identify all possible outcomes with the backyard layout and help you fit the swimming pool of your dreams into your backyard.

Moving forward, a Shocker Pools representative will provide you with a well detailed outline of your swimming pool and how the process will take place, from start to finish, so that everything is clearly outlined and the whole family is on the same page! Working with Shocker Pools is simple, we create a transparent process in order to make the building phase as easy as possible while construction is underway! At this point, you and the Shocker Pools representative will outline affordable options for you to select a payment option that best service you and your family!

The Process To Building Your New Swimming Pool


  • Onsite visit to design your new pool
  • Staking out the area that will become your new oasis
  • Excavation and building the foundation
  • Plumbing the swimming pool’s underground lines
  • Create the steel infrastructure
  • Create the pool foundation (gunite, cement, etc.)
  • Insert all tile and coping around the pool
  • Create the decking area around the pool area
  • Plaster the swimming pool if required for infrastructure
  •  Clean the plastered finished surface
  • Add water and start filtration


Shocker Pools can help you create a beautiful custom swimming pool, only steps from your backyard!

Financing Options

We Make The Process Simple

We Offer The Best Financing Options!


Our goal is to help every family that we can with the opportunity to create their dream backyard. The financing options that we have made accessible to customers has provided successful funding for projects and has lead to long lasting relationships! These options are available for you, but we if you prefer an outside lender that works for us as too!


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